Introducing Toockies – a unique product range with a special story to tell.

This month A Fine Choice launches their brand new product range, ‘Toockies’. Toockie, a Portuguese term for a traditional knitted washcloth, is a range of hand knitted products for the kitchen and bathroom.The range includes long-lasting, zero waste kitchen scrubs (a great eco-alternative to throw-away dish cloths) super soft organic circulation gloves, cute knitted soap socks and highly effective knitted facial scrubs.The whole range is fair trade certified and made from 100% organic cotton & jute. What we really love about this range is the story behind it.

All our Toockies products have been hand knitted by a community of women living in India. Anna Marie Strauss has set up the Toockies Project  having watched a documentary about the plight of young women in India who were being forced into slavery and prostitution. She writes;

“The Toockies project opens unimaginable doors of opportunity for our knitters in Ujan, Nababpur. Women desperate for a dignified way to earn a living are mobilised and trained to create Toockies products as a co-op.A community centre provides these women with a central location for training, knitting, picking-up yarn, and dropping off finished product. Though most knitters work from home, as is culturally required, allowing them to work flexible hours.”

Essentially the Toockies project empowers these women to take charge of their own destiny, giving them new skills and helping them provide a vital income for their family.

As part of the project the knitters are also given a voice by learning how to write their names and adding them to Toockies packaging.

You can look up the names written on your products on the website where you will find their photographs and read about their individual wishes.

Toockies is not only a socially responsible venture; it also helps to protect our environment.

Lavinia trade has taken ownership of the Toockies project and we are proud to support her by supplying their products to the UK market.

We love everything about these products and are sure you will too. We are running an introductory offer till the end of June.

If you haven’t registered please do so here: otherwise feel free to add the Lavinia products to your next trade order with us. We are looking forward to hearing all about your experience with the products.

With much love

Dani x

Owner and Founder of a fine choice ltd.