Today we would like to present you with a guest blog by Paula Ruane who has some interesting information about 5G which everyone should be aware of….

Frightening frequencies – the world’s best kept secret

The whole attraction of 5G appears to be the speed of information transfer. It means automation, personalized virtual existence;  a Utopian vision on many levels but for every action there is the equal or greater reaction. We are being subjected to a universal experiment.

186 scientists wrote requesting a moratorium in 2017 from the EU countries.   Brussels, Nederlands, the Municipality of Rome and Glastonbury have said no to 5G. The harm from man-made radio waves has been long documented but here are a few facts about 5G.

The short waves of 5g (as opposed to the long waves of 2,3 +4G) don’t travel through us.  A 4G smart phone needs at most 2 antennae;  a 5G handset will need at least 128 as our fingers and hands block the waves. We have tiny hairs in our sweat glands designed specifically to pick up radiation

Because the waves are short  they can’t travel very far. To support them, we will have cells around the size of a fridge)  on every street corner with antennae on each set of traffic lights and placed on every 3-12 houses, maximum 100 metres apart.

The most alarming part is that, due to the inability of the waves to travel, 20,000 satellites are being launched to support the distribution and reach of 5G. The waves are manipulated into laser like beams and bombarded from these satellites. It is the process of launching these that adds to the horror.  Each rocket launch causes huge pollution with the burning of kerosene and formation of black soot/carbon. In 2018 there were 120 launches.  To reach the target of 20,000 satellites into space at 60 satellites means a huge increase of rocket launches.  250 launches a year would deplet the ozone layer of the tropics and subtopics and raise the temperature of the Arctic by 3 degrees.

There will be no corner of the Earth free from the waves and we will be exposed from both above and below.  In defence, the Telecoms Giants say that we may experience a slight increase in temperature in our skin but it will be barely noticeable!

Thank you for reading! Kindest wishes, Paula.


Here’s a little bit more about Paula Ruane who has set up Vertue, a sustainable initiative who runs sustainable Ted talk style events across London and surrounding areas.

Over the years, I have watched with fascination, the way ICT has overtaken our lives, impacting relationships, the way we work, our ability to communicate and behave.  In with all this, I have also seen the destruction of plantlife, our health, the extinction of animal life and increasing pollution.  The very life I led as a child is what people are striving for today;  consideration for nature, reducing waste, increasing real time connections to feel more fulfilled and content.  My work in the stress and resilience arena with business and individuals has led me to set up a sustainability initiative, Vertue. Vertue is a cross between TedX and a round table event with interesting and essential information exchange  to speed up the changes we desperately need.

For more information please see Paula’s website