Lavinia Trade was founded by a mother and daughter, Yvonne and Phenia from Denmark.

Embarking with their passion, they strived to minimize the impact on the earth, always prioritizing organic food, natural products and animal welfare above all.

Back in 2015 Yvonne opened a Nordic interior shop, searching for a natural alternative to plastic sponge/scourers.

After a lot of research, she stumbled upon Toockies.  

Toockies is where it all began. Produced through a project in India – on each product shows a name, of whom created these bags. Enabling the buyer to look up the creator. The result of the project was to empower very poor women in rural areas outside Kolkata, India.        

Lavinia Trade works closely with the local NGO Promise Charitable Trust to manage this project. When the women submit the finished knitted products, free sanitary pads are handed out to the women.

These Fairtrade products took a hit – the love for Toockies have ever since exploded since.

Toockies are a combination of Nrodic quality and durability with social responsibility with the fairtrade project in India. An eco-friendly brand that is firmly showing the way to a plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle.

Training of knitters in Kolkata. 7th of October 2018




Toockies scrubbers are made of raw, GOTS certified organics cotton and natural jute plant fibers, they have an abrasive effect equivalent to the tough and the mild side of the usual plastic sponge                      

Zero-waste, plastic-free, sustainable and efficient cleaning!

They’ll do pots and pans, sinks and potatoes, bathrooms and chalk marks, you name it.

All scratching free!


Soap Bags

An organic, hand-knitted soap bag for gentle and effective peeling of your body. Use it with your favorite body soap or shampoo, and remember to take it along as a travel soap bag on your plastic-free journeys

Knitted in a beautiful vintage pattern.

                                        Peeling Cloth


An organic, hand-knitted peeling cloth for gentle and effective peeling of face and body. Use it as a replacement for exfoliating cream scrubbers containing microplastic.

TOOCKIES peeling cloth exfoliates gently and easy dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and refreshed.

                     Circulation Glove


An organic, hand-knitted circulation glove for gentle and effective peeling of face and body. Use it as a replacement for exfoliating creme-scrubbers containing microplastic.

After a long time of usage, you’re able to cut it up, mix it into your potting mesh or leave it at the compost heap to reenter the circle of nature. 

Sandstone Products


1000x665 Lavinia natural zero waste products vegan sandstone eco

Sandstone is being carefully crafted in hand into exclusive, high-quality nail files, foot files, and facial peeling stones

Plastic-free, highly effective and beautiful nail file made from sandstone. A cork case will be provided with your purchase.

This is sustainability, zero-waste and a true product of nature. Our foot file is used to care for your feet at the end of your shower.

Dead skin cells are removed quickly with our very effective scrub

Nordic design and quality – at its best. Handmade in Sweden.

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