Stand out at the gym and office with our new, super trendy Cheeki stainless steel water bottle range!

A Fine Choice are really excited to tell you about our Cheeki stainless steel water bottle.

Eco-Friendly Cheeki, is Australia’s leading brand of reusable products and was established with the aim of supplying healthy, fun and environmentally friendly products for today’s ever increasing market.

We are currently stocking the Cheeki Stainless Steel Water Bottle, which comes in two types – single wall or insulated. They also come in a whole variety of colours. So your customers can make sure they are colour co-ordinated when they are out running, walking or working out at the gym!

They are available in three different sizes, 750ml, 600ml and 400ml and are all under £15 which we think is great value.


So what makes them special?

Exclusive to Cheeki, is that each single wall and insulated bottle is fitted with a unique Silicone Shield that wraps around the lid’s base. This ensures that drinking water never comes into contact with plastic. Insulated lid ensures maximal temperature retention, both hot and cold.

The stainless steel water bottles

The reusable bottles are from a metal sports canteen made with premium food grade materials. All other materials used in the products are BPA-free and toxic ink-free, making them not only eco-friendly, but safe too.

We absolutely love the trendy, sleek design, which have “Refill Recycle Reuse” embossed along the side of the bottle.

On the more practical side, the single-mould rounded base makes them extra strong and crack-resistant. The convenient rubber grip carry handle secured to the cap, means that they are super portable.

The active range bottle top has as a new patented 3 point flow control, which is especially useful for the little one in your family. Additionally it also means you take measured sips while sweating it out in a Spin class.


Finally, the silicon seals ensures that the bottles are both leak-and spill-proof.

All bottles fit most car cup holders and bike racks and also fit easily into a standard backpack.

Practical information for our trade customers: you will need to decide between size, colour and cap type (active or twist). Both cap types are 100% leakproof. The Cheeki range of stainless steel bottles can be found here.

The Straws


With all the news in the press these days about the millions of single use plastic straws that are ending up in the ocean and harming precious marine life, there is an increasing demand for the plastic-free kind. And with that demand, more and more manufacturers are bringing reusable straws to the market.

So why did we choose the Cheeki brand?
Well, we wanted to stock stainless steel straws to complement our Strawesome range. We had also heard on the grapevine that some of the stainless straws on the market can be painful on the gums and we certainly didn’t want to cause our customers any pain!

The Cheeki straws feature a unique, rounded mouth piece, which makes sipping your favourite juices and cocktails much more comfortable.
We also love that the set of four colourful straws (silver, gold, copper and black) comes in a handy box which includes a cleaning brush, well as a little cloth bag to keep the straws in. Ideal for a stocking filler at Christmas (sorry, is it too early to talk about that!)

Get your orders in soon for this very special range, as we just know they are going to flying off our shelves. Our Cheeki stainless steel straws can be found here. Introductory offer till end of September 2019.