Tooltip TextFirst We would like to share why we are extremely happy to stock Lavinia zero waste products. Lavinia has a lovely story to tell…

Lavinia Trade was founded by a mother and daughter, Yvonne and Phenia from Denmark.

Embarking with their passion, they strived to minimize the impact on earth. Most importantly, prioritizing organic food, natural products and animal welfare above all.

Back in 2015 Yvonne opened a Nordic interior shop, searching for a natural alternative to plastic sponge/scourers.

After a lot of research, she stumbled upon Toockies.






Toockies are an American brand that through a Fairtrade project in India, produced scrubbers: hand-knit cloths made of jute and cotton.

First of all, the scrubbers look amazing (much prettier than the ugly, colourful sponges). Secondly, they are also Fairtrade due to the a project meant to empower very poor women in rural areas outside Kolkata, India.

Luckily, in 2018 Lavinia Trade was able to take over and continue the Toockies Project in North Eastern India. Therefore, we are very proud to be UK distributor for Lavinia and support this ongoing Indian project.

Lavinina’s product range includes scrubbers, soap bags, circulation gloves and a peeling cloth. Additionally, we stock Lavinina’s Orsa product range of Swedish sandstone products. Please follow this link to explore the complete Lavinina range.