Our zero waste starter packs

We’ve listened to our lovely trade customers and reacted…! You can now order a selection of zero waste starter packs on our trade website www.afinechoice-distribution.co.uk.

Today we are going to explain the differences between our zero waste starter packs and why we’ve created them.

First of all we would like for our customers the opportunity to try a variety of products in one. Our starter packs have a range of vegan eco friendly zero waste products. From bamboo toothbrushes (Hydrophil), solid cosmetics (Lamazuna), scrubbers (Lavinia), biodegradable cotton swabs (Hydrophil), to bamboo plasters (Patch) and much more. 

Additionally we’ve put a lot of effort into listing our best selling products and designs. This is especially important for new customers who haven’t ordered with us before and rely on our expertise. Our packs giving you the opportunity to get to know our products. They’re perfect for start-ups as this decreases the risk of wastage. Giving the chance to experiment with a wide variety of products before committing to bigger bulk and packaging sizes.

On top of that when ordering a zero waste pack you get the chance to try out smaller units. Usually you will need to commit to our PU’s (packaging units) but not with our packs. Lamazuna for example has seven different types of solid shampoo. If you order the Lamazuna starter pack you will receive a mixture of different types usually a few for oily, normal and dry hair each.

Our zero waste starter packs – the differences

Our packs all differ- from basic, premium, according by brand, by product.

Hydrophil Basic – Premium 

The difference between our Hydrophil Premium and Basic Starter Pack is that we only put best sellers in the basic pack. However Hydrophil has a great reputation and you might want to try out all of their water neutral, eco bathroom products. The premium starter pack would be best in this case.

Lamazuna Basic – Premium

The Lamazuna basic starter pack contains solid shampoo, solid deodorant, solid body butter, solid shaving bars, solid toothpaste, make up pad refills and solid facial cleansers. 

Similar to Hydrophil, the premium starter pack gives you access to products like the menstrual cups or Oriculis by Lamazuna which the basic starter pack doesn’t include. Great for shops who do not want to commit to bigger packaging units for certain products and want to try them out on their customers first. 

Lavinia Premium – Toockies – Orsa

Lavinia has two slightly different product ranges. Indian women create the Toockies in an Indian support project. The other one is are the Orsa products. These are made from a special sandstone that is only available in Sweden. These beautiful eco products last a lifetime. The Premium pack includes both Toockies and Orsa products.

Strawesome starter pack

We also offer a starter pack for Strawesome glass straws. We use borosilicate glass for our glass straws which is extremely strong. Here you will receive a mixture of glass straws for both adults and kids in different designs. We’ve also added a few accessories such as our cleaning brushes and carrying cases which are made from recycled plastic. The Strawesome starter pack can be found here.

Patch starter pack

The patch starter pack includes all 4 different types of our Patch bamboo plasters which are compostable and biodegradable. The Patch starter pack can be found here.

Last but not least

Our starter pack for all brands gives you the opportunity to order a whole selection of different products across some of our brands.

Our starter pack for new customers was created to give new customers an idea of products we would recommend to start with.