From now on each month we would like to make you aware of ONE vegan, zero waste product. It will be a product which you might not have heard of or details of this product which you might not know about as yet. We will call it “Product of the month”. This month we’ve chosen solid toothpaste by Lamazuna.

Product of the month

Is your bathroom basin a battlefield of plastic? Toothbrushes, liquid soap, plastic toothpaste tubes? At A Fine Choice we have the plastic free, vegan, cruelty free answer to allthis clutter but this month we are concentrating on one of our lovely Lamazuna products: solid toothpaste.

The brand

Lamazuna is a fast growing workshop in the Drome region in France. They feel passionately about zero waste and a vegan, plastic free lifestyle.  The whole ethos of their production line reflects this even down to using salvaged wood storage.

Did you know?

Lamazuna ‘toothpaste-on-a-stick’ is a great place to start ridding the bathroom of non-recyclable plastic.  Incredibly easy to use and made with 100% naturally derived ingredients. It is easy to store in your toothbrush holder, in one of our glass jars or even back into its box.

It comes in three tongue tingling refreshing flavours, the traditional Peppermint, zingy Lemon and Sage, and warming Cinnamon.  The first two combine natural cleaning and antibacterial products with well-balanced essential oils. The cinnamon is oil free and so suitable for breast feeding or pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.

How to use it

To get started you wet your toothbrush and rub it onto the solid toothpaste between twenty and 30 times.  This makes sure you load the brush with product and then off you go. Ideally using your Hydrophil bamboo toothbrush with plant based castor oil bristles, more on these in another post 😉.

One block has the equivalent use of at least TWO plastic tubes and when the toothpaste is finished both the stick and the packaging can be popped in the compost to biodegrade naturally! Perfect!

What others say

“Initially I thought it doesn’t work but now, as I know, I need to rub it a bit longer it works perfectly fine. My dentist is happy too (I’ve used the product for about one year now).  There’s no way I am going back to plastic packaged toothbrushes!” Contented Earth customer

“It’s the best toothpaste I’ve ever used!!” Babipur customer