Becoming a supplier for a fine choice distribution

We receive emails presenting new products every day. Becoming a supplier with a fine choice distribution is relatively easy…

Therefore, we have created a “becoming a supplier” guide.  It will help you deciding whether it is worth introducing your product to a fine choice distribution.


Boxes to be ticked:

  • Eco

    • First of all, we are distributors for eco and zero waste products. Hence we require your product to be eco-friendly. Similarly, your product is sustainable and made from natural ingredients.
    • We appreciate organic ingredients.
    • In Addition, your product should not contain any plastic. We will make exemptions especially if you use recycled plastic.
  • Zero waste

    • Your product is a zero waste product. Both the product as well as the packaging are reusable. However, we do appreciate that there are really good alternatives to disposable products which similarly might still cause waste. For instance, this could be a compostable product such as our biodegradable bamboo cotton ear buds.
  • Origin

    • UK products are preferred over Non UK products. However, please do not hesitate to send in your proposal if you have a product which is made outside the UK. We usually order in big bulk to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.
  • Ethically sourced

    • Ethically produced products are key to us. We expect you to visit the production site or have certifications in place. Good working conditions are extremely important to us.
  • Vegan

    • Most of our products are vegan. However, we are not limiting our product range to vegan products. Nevertheless, if your product is not vegan we expect you to explain why you made the decision on including animal products.
  • Cruelty free

    • All our products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals. This is a requirement which is not negotiable.
  • Ethos

    • We are interested in your company’s ethos and the story behind! Please include a few words in your initial email.
  • Market-ready

    • Your product is market-ready with English packaging.
  • Pricing

    • We are a distributors for eco, zero waste products working with around 700 shops in the UK. Therefore, what we need from you is not only your RRP and wholesale pricing but additionally your distributor pricing. Bear in mind that we usually order in bulk.
  • Images

    • We require access to professional product images preferably on a white background. We won’t need this in your initial contact but will require in case your product gets accepted.

Finally We appreciate applications even if you do not tick all the boxes. To view our current product range please visit our website.


Becoming a supplier: does your product tick most of the boxes above? If so please do get in touch with us via email on

At this time we usually get back to you within a 5-7 working days. Along with your email photos of your products are always welcome. In addition, if you’ve got a website please also state your web address so we can have a browse.

Above all, we are a friendly team of eco conscious people, easy to work with and are looking forward to hearing from you.


Kind wishes

Daniela, Director and Founder of a fine choice ltd