Zero waste – your mindset matters!

This week I’ve been thinking about my zero-waste journey over the last few years and think zero waste – your mindset matters! First of all, I have no idea how this whole zero-waste journey started.

I’ve been running a fine choice since 2010 selling eco-friendly products. My main focus was mainly to help the environment and additionally to give people alternatives to unhealthy products which often contain nasty chemicals.

One day, I believe it’s been a Facebook post, I saw an article about someone who believes in avoiding waste completely. I heard the phrase zero waste for the first time. I think that’s probably been around 3 years ago. My initial reaction was “that’s crazy” and I dismissed it as undoable. Undoable because I have family and we produce waste. Not A LOT but yes, we do produce waste.

CREATING A HABIT – remembering reusable items when going out

However, over the years my attitude towards waste has changed a lot. I think the most important thing is that my mindset has changed drastically. I started with little things like reusable water bottles and not forgetting it at home anymore. Nowadays I always, always, always have a reusable bottle with me. It has become a habit.

I have started taking reusable bags when I go out shopping. I mainly order my groceries without plastic. I avoid saturated fats for health reasons and eat a lot of vegetables. Luckily this means I do not need to think about food packaging in cheese and meat due to my diet.

Whenever I receive products I check whether they’ve been packed in plastic and if so I’ll avoid reordering. Another habit created.

CREATING A HABIT – choosing compostable over non-compostable

I swapped to products which are compostable over products that are not. For example, I use biodegradable cotton ear buds. Not often as I think I might not need them at all.


I’ve started reusing items massively. An envelope that comes in is cut up into quarters and reused as a notepad. Glass bottles are used in my pantry cupboard. Fruit that slightly goes off goes into a smoothie.

CREATING A HABIT – do I even need this?

I realised I do not need some items. Therefore, I buy less. Another habit created.

CREATING A HABIT – throwing it away or keeping it?

I don’t throw away items in general. I think twice before putting items into the bin. At first, I think about ways to reuse them. If this fails I think about whether other people might benefit from them. I discovered lots of local apps to make other people aware of items. For example, trash nothing, Olio or even local buy, sell, swap Facebook groups. Here we go again, another habit of not throwing away things generally.


Finally, my conclusion is, that life is a journey and so is every journey we are on. Be it a healthier lifestyle or a zero-waste journey. Nothing will change before we’ve created habits. Habits help to make new adjustments without it being a big effort. Zero waste – your mindset matters!

I hope I inspired you to create your own new habits!


With much love

Dani x