Alternative to plastic – liquid wood

Zero waste? Liquid wood? Sometimes one comes across terminologies which you’ve never heard of before. At least, this applies to me, Dani, the owner and founder of a fine choice distribution. Today, I would like to share the story behind liquid wood – an alternative to plastic.

As a result, to make it easier to understand, I created this short Q&A style description for you.

The story behind

Due to sustainability reasons researchers started hunting for a substitute to plastic. They wanted something renewable, biodegradable and abundant enough to be inexpensive.

Is liquid wood an alternative to plastic?

The answer is yes and it is officially called Arboblend® or Arboform® .

But what exactly is liquid wood?

The main ingredient of liquid wood is made from the leftover part of trees that is unused during the paper-making process. Furthermore, the leftover is then combined with natural resins, flax and fibres and can be moulded like plastic.

Is liquid wood biodegradable?

Yes, liquid wood biodegrades over time.

What is the difference between liquid wood, Arboblend® and bioplastic?

Arboblend® or Arboform® (from Latin: arbor meaning tree) is a trade name for bioplastic composed of three natural components: lignin, cellulose fibres and some additives. As a result, it can be moulded and is therefore also called ‘liquid wood’.

What do we think?

We think it is a great alternative to plastic. Therefore, we started offering it a few years ago when Hydrophil got their first Arboblend® product on the market: a toothbrush mug made from Arboblend® As well as an adult version we also have two versions for kids – a blue walrus and a green pirate.

Are there any more products apart from the Hydrophil toothbrush mug which are made from liquid wood?

Furthermore, Croll & Denecke has recently created a whole range of eco-friendly products which are made from liquid wood:

For trade pricing for both the Hydrophil as well as the Croll & Denecke liquid wood products please register yourself as a trade customer here.