Lamazuna Zero Waste Duo – ideal xmas gift sets!

This month, we are very excited about the latest addition to our Lamazuna product range: the zero waste duo. Certainly, newly added in time for Christmas:

  • good hair day duo which is combination of our popular solid shampoo Scotch Pine and our solid shaving bar
  • gentle cleansing duo which is a combination of the exotic facial cleanser, reusable wipes and a washing bag

Firstly, the solid shampoo is for both women and men and secondly, the shaving bar is too! Furthermore, the cleansing duo can also be used by both men and women, if wanted.

First of all, Lamazuna helps to reduce waste massively through eco-friendly, sustainable products. Additionally, the products are handmade in France and similarly, look great in your bathroom! The Lamazuna range consists mainly of solid beauty products with rich formulas that are incredibly easy to use and above all, mainly contain natural ingredients. Read more about Lamazuna’s story here.

Lamazuna zero waste duo “Good hair day”

Solid shampoo – how it works

You hold your shampoo bar under water and rub it onto wet hair where it lathers. It’s easy to be done and usually even people who think it might not work like it.

Shaving bar – how it works

This couldn’t be easier, just rub on wet shaving area and you are good to go.

Lamazuna zero waste duo “Gentle Cleansing”

Solid facial cleanser – how it works

You hold your facial cleanser bar under water and rub it onto your face, leave it there for a few moments and wash it off. All done for the day.

Reusable make up pad – how it works

No products needed, just water to remove your make up. Can be rinsed right after use or can go in the washing machine for up to 300 times.