Introducing body butter by Heavenly Organics

Today, we would like to introduce our body butters by Heavenly Organics. Especially in the winter months, I, Dani, founder & director of a fine choice ltd, get really dry skin.  In those times, I hugely rely on hand cream or body butter – even more than usual. I always have a jar of body butter next to the sink. Whenever I wash my hands, I immediately apply some cream. This way, I seem to get through the wintery months ok.

Luckily, I got to test lots of body butters recently. We decided to go with the body butter by Heavenly Organics. Here are the reasons why we decided for this brand:

Body Butter by Heavenly Organics

The body butters by Heavenly organics are made from natural, organic ingredients. They are vegan and not tested on animals. They are also handmade in the UK which means a lower carbon footprint. Heavenly Organic’s body butters follow a zero-waste approach and come in a glass jar. Additionally, they are affordable. For example, the 100 g jar has a RRP of £ 8.99 which is a lot less than other body butters. Last but not least, they work! My skin feels soft and there are plenty of different types available for everyone to choose their favourite:

Different types of body butter:

We’ve decided for the following types of body butter by Heavily Organics to get started. We might add more over time…

Lavender – a calming and soothing body butter

Rose Geranium & Patchouli – uplifting body butter plus Patchouli helps with a variety of skin conditionss

Rose Geranium – uplifting body butter

Unscented – for everyone who is sensitive to essential oils, a healing body butter

Trade pricing body butter by Heavenly Organics

For trade prices please log on to your trade account and follow the Heavenly Organics link. If you don’t have a trade account with us you will need to apply for a trade account here “become a stockist”