Toockies scrubbers now available in single packs

We are very pleased to announce that our popular Toockies scrubbers by Lavinia are now available in single packs. The Toockies scrubbers are the ideal substitution for disposable sponges. Additionally, they support a really lovely project supporting women in India.

Last year, we spoke to our supplier Lavinia about the Toockies we distribute in the UK. By default, they come in a pack of two. One jute scrubber and one organic cotton scrubber.

Your feedback is much appreciated!

However, we listened to the feedback we are getting from our trade customers. They directly speak to end customers in their shop and at market stalls. Apparently, end customers appreciate if they didn’t have to buy a twin pack initially.

Firstly, people love to try out a product before committing to two of them. Secondly, people appreciate a lower price for a product they have not tried before.

Our supplier, Lavinia, resisted to our suggestion of offering single packs initially. However, just in time for Christmas, they agreed to offer them. Furthermore, it shows that we as their UK distributor do have an influence on the products our suppliers offer.

Ultimately, we always value the feedback of our lovely trade customers and would encourage you to keep it coming.

Toockies scrubbers available in single packs

We are awaiting the new stock this week and can offer the following Toockies scrubbers:

Toockies Jute scrubber – they are designed to clean pots and pans, sinks, potatoes, bathrooms and the kitchen sink. All without scratching.

Toockies scrubber organic cotton – they can be used around the house to clean any surface or object.

Both products are sustainable, certified organic, fairtrade as well as long lasting, ethical and zero waste.

Toockies Knitters – the story behind

You can read more about Toockies’ interesting story here “the Toockies Knitters”. We are selling the Toockies scrubbers in single units. You can mix and match across all our eco zero waste products.

Trade Pricing

Last but not least, for trade prices please register your interest on our website and become a stockist. We usually approve new registrations within 2-3 working days.