From a mum’s side income to a business in 10 years.

Today, when I changed my company’s profile picture on Facebook, I realised how much a fine choice has changed over time. It went from a mum’s side income to a well respected distribution business.

First of all, It took me nearly 10 years to know what I wanted to do. I started off selling stainless steel bottles a decade ago whilst my 3 young children still needed a lot of attention. I had to drag them to the post office but was very happy to have something to do that was not baby related.

Now, nearly 10 years later, I am running a distribution business for eco zero waste products working with a team of 6 people. I am renting my own offices and finally after so many years of doing it all myself have some time. Time to properly research new products and move the business forward.

Ultimately, my job has changed. It has changed from doing it all by myself. I had to learn to hand over and to accept. Acceptance about the way other people work. Acceptance about dynamics between the team members. Additionally, I had to let go of being responsible for it all. Last but not least, I had to learn to trust my team members. Trust that it will all be fine no matter how they work.

Only recently, I realised, that I am now often advising new businesses on how to get started or how to bring a business forward. Very often, I share my experience which I have gathered over the years and hope to add value to someone who is starting anew. It’s an ongoing journey and I am very excited what the next 10 years will bring.