Supporting like-minded businesses: Heavenly Organics

Benefits of buying from and working with a distributor

My mission is to offer our lovely customers a big variety of eco zero waste products. One of the benefits of buying from a distributor is, that you do not have to order from lots of different suppliers. Instead, you get all of your non-food supply from only a few or even only one. This means you reduce the carbon footprint for your products.

Additionally, you also do not need to commit to one brand and order plenty of their products. Very often, they require big minimum order quantities. Instead you can order across the different brands we offer.

Be rest assures, all the brands we work with have to tick a lot of boxes.

First, the working conditions need to be fair.

Second, the products are not tested on animals. Most of our products are in fact vegan.

Third, the product needs to be natural and without harmful chemicals. Very often, the products we are buying in are (certified) organic.

Last but not least, the company ethos needs to be similar to ours. We always source products which are reusable and are produced without any plastic packaging. In addition, the products itself are mostly plastic free.

Together we are making a difference and every little helps our environment.

Today, we would like to present you with a new product we’ve sourced from Heavenly Organics. Heavenly Organics definitely share our values and ethos and we have a lot of trust in their natural products.

Eye & Face cream by Heavenly Organics

A gentle cream to soothe, calm, soften, nourish and protect your skin. We started with three types: Camomile, Rose Geranium and the unscented one.

All of them have anti-inflammatory properties and are made with delicate ingredients rich in vitamins & antioxidants. Not only are they plastic free, they also come in a glass jar.

Furthermore, a pea size amount of cream will moisturise your whole face. In a word, this jar will last you a long time.

To sum up, the outer cardboard packaging can now be used as a display unit.

For trade information on Heavenly Organics and other eco zero waste products please register on our website here “become a stockist”.