We are now UK distributor for FabRap

The story behind

Today, we are very proud to have become the UK distributor for FabRap who creates reusable gift wraps.

First of all, according to Enviro Waste, a London based waste company, an estimated 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper are thrown out or burnt for Christmas itself. Sadly, this is enough to gift wrap the island of Jersey. Hopefully, with the help of FabRap, we can offer you a sustainable alternative. At the same time, we hope to reduce the amount of paper gift wrap.

Meet Hema, the creator or director of FabRap

Maybe, you would like to know a little more about Hema, the creator of FabRap.

Hema is an Indian born Australian with two teenage kids now living in Germany. Hema’s passion for textiles was first channeled into beginning an organic baby clothing brand. Here she learns a lot about sustainable and organic fabric manufacturing.

Similarly, Hema loves the immense array of colours, fabrics and designs she would find during visits to India.

Last but not least, Hema always found gift wrapping to be very rewarding. So much so, in fact, that she was her family’s designated wrapper each festive season.

FabRap – reusable gift wrap

Ultimately, FabRap allows Hema to share her passion for textiles and gift wrapping through high quality, 100% organic cotton wrapping fabric.

FabRap’s reusable gift wraps are sustainable and the labour conditions in India fair. Refined prints meet contemporary hues. Additionally, luxurious feel meets convenience and affordability.

Most noteworthy, Hema says: “For me, wrapping gifts beautifully is a way to increase their meaning and value”.

Certainly, we hope we can bring some of Hema’s passion over to you by offering FabRap on our trade website. If you don’t have access to our trade pricing yet please register for a trade account here.