We are extremely excited to announce that we are now UK distributor for Beauty Kubes!

The first few weeks in January have been very interesting for us. Particularly, as we got to know the owner of Beauty Kubes. Initially, Beauty Kubes hesitated as they didn’t see the need of a distributor. However, in a few rather lengthy conversations they did see the benefit of working with us.

Beauty Kubes – product info

Beauty Kubes has mastered a very unique, natural product. It helps eliminating plastic packaged shampoo from your bathroom. All you need to do is taking one of their organic shampoo Kubes with you into the shower. You then crumble in your palm with some additional water and use it on your hair where it lathers. Besides, you probably don’t have to use a separate conditioner afterwards as the shampoo does the trick.

All ingredients are natural and vegan.

Furthermore, the products are made in Cornwall, in the UK.

Beauty Kubes – trade info

There are 27 Kubes in each box. We are selling the boxes individually initially so you can try them out without committing to bigger amounts.

There are five different types to choose from:

  • Normal to dry hair
  • Oily
  • Men
  • Normal & body wash
  • Conditioner

Please be aware the BBE date is 6 months only. This is due to the purity of the product with only natural ingredients used.

If you are interested in buying Beauty Kubes in bulk make sure you have a trade account with us. To register please go through the become a stockist section on our website.

Without a doubt, Beauty Kubes share the same ethos and values to us. We are very much looking forward to working with them and be the UK distributor for Beauty Kubes.

By the way, the amount of times I had to correct the word “beauty” in this blog post is uncountable!