Business Changes

Opportunities through business changes

Today I, Dani, the creator & owner of a fine choice ltd, would like to motivate other business owners to keep unwavering faith and put extraordinary effort into your business mission even when there is a setback!

The challenge

In October last year, one of our brands we used to distribute, decided do get rid of all the smaller distributors. Instead they wanted to substitute them with bigger, more pushy distributors. Of course, it felt like receiving a red card without the yellow one. Sales numbers were fine. The products well established. No warnings whatsoever. Nevertheless, I accepted this decision almost immediately. In the first place, my team seemed worried.

Opportunities through business changes

However, I do not believe in giving up immediately. Instead, I believe that every change has its benefit. Consequently, new ideas might evolve and new opportunities might come up. It might even be an opportunity for business growth.


As a result, we started talking to UK based brands to find substitutions for the products we won’t be able to sell from the beginning of this year. And we were successful.


We substitute the solid shampoo with Beauty Kubes, a brand of natural organic solid shampoo and conditioner cubes. We also found a substitution for the deodorant. The Ku’tis deodorants come in a push up cardboard box. Additionally, we added Heavenly Organics range of natural, organic body butters. Last but not least, we added Hydrophil’s toothpaste recently which substitutes the toothpaste we used to carry.


Luckily, we can report, that all new products selling really nicely. Better than the brand we had before. On top of that, we are now sourcing more local, UK produced products than we did before this business change. Therefore, the carbon footprint is smaller and we won’t need to pay import taxes once Brexit hits us.

Who would have thought!?

Consequently, I would like to encourage every business owner to embrace changes. You might be surprised about the outcome… !

with kind wishes



PS The supposedly new distributor (the pushy one) fell through and the brand is now left without a UK Distributor. Is this fate?