Corona’s impact

Corona’s impact on our Earth

Almost overnight our world has changed, and in a way none of us could have anticipated.

The implications and effects of the COVID-19 crisis are causing us all to think again about how we do things.

However, we at A Fine Choice aim to minimise the impact of these new behaviours on our planet.  Sadly, the rush to buy bottled hand soaps and sanitisers will dramatically increase the amount of single-use plastics. Additionally, coffee shops are again turning to disposable cups to reduce the spread of infection.

As a result, now, more than ever, we need to do what we can to reduce the impact.

Corona’s impact on a fine choice ltd

We know that our customers are still trading. Luckily, and in many cases are busier than ever ensuring great customer support. Like you, we are keeping our lines of supply open. We have been working closely with our suppliers who assure us they can keep up with demand.

Of course, courier companies are facing unprecedented demand for their services. Therefore, we would ask you to be patient if you orders aren’t received as promptly as usual. However, we are open and we are processing orders.

To ensure that we keep our teams safe whilst providing our customers with uninterrupted levels of service, we have reduced the number of people in the office at one time.  Consequently, we may not always respond immediately to queries by phone or chat. Be rest assured, we aim to respond quickly to emails.

We continue to monitor developments and guidance from Public Health England and the Government, and will notify you via newsletter if there is any impact on our operational activity.

Above all, all our premises where the products are being handled have significantly increased the number of cleaning hours and introduced additional sanitisation procedures. Our preferred delivery partner, Parcelforce, has moved to contactless deliveries, ensuring that we keep everyone as safe as possible. Furthermore, details on Parcelforce policy is here

Corona Sale

To support our customers, we will be introducing special offers on the products we anticipate being in high demand.  As always, Zero Waste is at the forefront of our minds, encouraging customers to protect themselves while protecting our planet.

Stay healthy

And finally, for now, we are here to support you and our entire community. We will continue to support you and your business as we all work through this new situation together. Please reach out to us with any questions or feedback.