Kindness in our communities

These are confusing times for us all.  The normal order of daily life has changed. The stuff we’ve always taken for granted doesn’t work the same as it used to.

Most of us are adapting and coping with the new circumstances. However, for some it can be tricky to understand what we can/can’t do, and how to get what we need.

The elderly are one obviously vulnerable group. iIt’s clear from radio phone-ins that many are worried about how to get meals, whether to attend medical appointments, or even how to get there!

If you know someone who might be vulnerable, even if you don’t live nearby, you can still help them. Navigate the tangle of websites, phone numbers and information.  It’s easy to think their Council or GP surgery will reach out to them. However, the sheer number of people in need is swamping our services and making it necessary for us all to do our bit.

We’re based in South West London, but one of our team has family friends living in Edinburgh. They’re an elderly couple with multiple health conditions and disabilities, so she’d assumed they were being looked after.  But when she phoned, she realised they couldn’t get through to any supermarkets. Addtionally, the GP hadn’t been in touch, and Scotland doesn’t offer the same online registration for the vulnerable that’s available in England.

They had no way of getting food without one of them leaving the house. As a result, she searched the internet and found the helpline number for Sainsbury’s. It took perseverance, an hour of holding, but Sainsbury’s responded and were able to book weekly delivery slots for them.  She also found Viral Kindness Scotland who answered immediately and arranged for volunteers to contact them for any daily needs.  These seemingly simple arrangements have brought enormous reassurance to a couple who didn’t know where to turn.

All of this was done from a distance of over 300 miles. This shows what a difference we can make even if we don’t live close by.

We know that many of our customers have adapted their business to support our communities. The demand on supermarkets means that local or online businesses can be the difference between people getting supplies. Or going without. We know that many of our customers are working with local volunteers. They get supplies into the homes of the most vulnerable.

We stand ready to help in any way we can to keep the supply chains open and your shelves filled.

Stay safe x