Carbon Footprint neutral products

Carbon footprint neutral product: Hydrophil toothbrush

Today, I would like to share the information Hydrophil announced earlier this year. Their toothbrush is a carbon footprint neutral product.

In summery, Hydrophil is the supplier of our popular water neutral bathroom products. For example, they do bamboo toothbrushes, sisal soap pouches and compostable cotton buds. However, Hydrophil produces products in Europe as well as responsibly in China.

Importantly, they have announced that their bamboo toothbrushes are the first climate neutral toothbrush in Europe. Until now, climate-neutrality has not been considered such a big issue in the field of oral and personal hygiene. Ultimately, Hydrophil is changing all that now! For them, it is important to have a positive influence on the world and to conserve resources.

China made products

When I started about 10 years ago, I was extremely hesitant to distribute products from China. In short, I didn’t want to distribute products with a huge carbon footprint. As a result, I nearly did not start a distribution business at all.

At the time, there were plenty of disposable plastic bottles circulating. At the same time, there were not many producers of reusable bottles at all. Therefore, I made the decision to become UK distributor for a product which is China made. On the whole, we did sell thousands of steel water bottles to people who would have otherwise used disposable ones.

CO2 emissions offset

Hydrphil offsets the CO2 emissions for their products, from raw material extraction right through to their warehouse. Consequently, they support a gold standard drinking water project by Climate Partner in Odisha.

Future environmental projects

We aim to distribute forward looking products. Therefore, we support brands who repeatedly find new ways to make their products even more sustainable. Hydrophil for example, has set very high standards. From petroleum-free toothbrush bristles to innovative toothpaste tubes (95 % spruce wood). In our opinion, these are steps in the right direction.