It is WORLD EARTH DAY today!

Today, it is World Earth Day.

Naturally, as a business with the purpose of helping the environment, we are celebrating today. We are celebrating everything that has been achieved over the last few years. Also, we are pleased about the currently lower carbon emission levels as stated by National Geographic.

However, the levels are likely to raise again once lockdowns are history. But what if…

What if we try to keep them lower? At least, a little bit.

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep the air we are breathing in a bit fresher? Wouldn’t it be nice to stay in a much calmer environment?

I believe, each one of us, can use this “pause” to reflect. So today, I’d like to share some ideas on what you could do. I am aware not everything is possibly but why don’t we use this time to make new commitments?


  • fly less
  • work from home more
  • use video calls instead of flying around
  • change to a plant-based diet
  • reduce the use of our cars
  • grow your own veg
  • use less electrical appliances e.g. tumble dryer
  • reuse, reduce & recycle
  • get clothes from charity shops
  • demand no one sends you physical Birthday & Christmas cards


Last but not least, reduce the amount of plastic. We, at a fine choice ltd. have lots of plastic free ideas. For example, switch your plastic bottled shampoo to one of our solid shampoo cubes by Beauty Kubes. It is an easy transition which you won’t regret. Also, we have just launched dentabs by Hydrophil. They are a great plastic free way of brushing your teeth with.

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