What is organic skincare?


Heavenly Organics is our supplier of organic skincare products. Mary-Anny, the creator & owner has made the following statement in regards to organic skincare. We think being transparent is key so we would like to share parts of her blog article.


Organic Product

Did you know, the Soil Association requires a minimum 95% organic ingredients in order to be able to state a whole product organic.

However, to carry the Soil Association logo, products can contain a minimum of just 70% organic ingredients


Mary-Anne declares the following

  • products state Organic, then they are 100% organic
  • products state Organic & Natural, they will also contain ingredients such as salts or clays, which cannot be called organic due to their naturally occurring state
  • we never use synthetic ingredients or preservatives
  • our advice is to always read the ingredients labels carefully


Furthermore a few thoughts about “natural” skincare. Per definition, a natural declared product contains purely natural ingredients. Often, ingredients originate from a natural source. However, processing sometimes makes the end product not so natural.


Again, Mary-Anne declares:

  • Heavenly Organics uses truly pure, organic and natural ingredients
  • natural ingredients we use are nature’s delights such as salts and clays which are only processed in a minimal way


Hand balm by Heavenly Organics


Last week, we’ve added hand balm by Heavenly Organics. My very dry hands made me sourcing a product that gives my hands some relief. Ultimately, I was very happy when I realised Heavenly Organics is producing them.


The hand balm comes in four different types and makes a great addition to our range of eco-friendly products


Last but not least, did we mention the hand balm is 100% organic?