ICADA certification

Today, we would like to speak about certifications. In particular, ICADA certifications.

Since the end of last year, some of the Hydrophil products we distribute, have received an upgrade. However, before revealing relevant products, we would like to talk about ICADA certifications. As usual, transparency is key.

We don’t want to start a blog article with the headline “xyz is now ICADA certified”. Instead, we would like to explain what this means first. Afterwards, we will introduce the products we are speaking about.

First if all, ICADA stands for International Committee on Allergic Diseases of Animals. Also, ICADA is a company from Germany and claims to be “the” international association for cosmetic products. And yet, ICADA represents 90% of European cosmetics companies, mostly SME’s.

ICADA is a Premium Label for natural and organic cosmetics. They are strict and reliable. In addition, they permit only a few non-natural additives with a very short positive list of derivatives. Therefore, consumers can be sure ICADA certified products are made from authentic producers which are close to mother nature.

A few examples for ICADA’s black list are silicones, synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals.

Hydrophil is putting ongoing effort into improving the quality of their products. Ultimately, one of the reasons we love distributing their high-quality products.

Since end of last year, the following products are now natural certified organic cosmetic products:

Be rest assured, the ingredients for the above-mentioned products, have always been organic. However, they now have the ICADA certification.


Last but not least, If you like to test the products please do register as a stockist. We are always happy to add a few products as a sample to try them out.