Today, we would like to continue with the topic of getting to know our suppliers. Remember, transparency is key to us! Here’s a blog post by Phenia, the owner of Lavinia who we are the exclusive UK distributor for.

Lavinia & the fairtrade project in India

My name is Phenia and I am one of the two women behind Lavinia Trade and our Fairtrade project “Toockies” in India. This project and the fantastic artisans taking part in it mean the world to me. It has been tough for me watching the Corona pandemic affect the world and India in particular.

Covid19 in India

If you have been following the news, you know that the Indian government put the entire country on lockdown with less than 24 hours’ notice in March. There has been huge migration from the cities and back to the villages. With no means of transportation, families and workers walking barefoot for hundreds of kilometers.


The Toockies project

In this regard, the knitters in the Toockies project are fortunate. We provide them work they can do at home while taking care of their family. Ultimately, our aim is to give women in rural villages work so they stay on the countryside. This way they don’t have to migrate to bigger cities like Kolkata, where a possible horrible life awaits. A life filled with hard manual labor, pollution and possible prostitution. On top of the lockdown measures, last week the Kolkata-area was struck by a strong cyclone. This has made the living conditions in this area even worse.

We are all fighting to change 2020 despite losses in our private and business lives and make 2020 a year to focus on what really matters. For example, now that Mother Earth got a chance to breath – how do we proceed from here.

Hopefully, more people will see the value in living more in tune with ourselves and the planet. Therefore, making sustainable and long-lasting choices over the quick buy.

As a result, my hope for 2020, is to hire and support even more women in rural villages outside Kolkata. And additionally, to expand the message of slow living with focus on social responsibility, quality and nature.

Thank you all for supporting the knitters and their amazing craftsmanship!

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