The PATCH Journey

We continue with our theme of transparency and getting to know our suppliers. Therefore, we welcome “The PATCH Journey” by James Dutton today.


It was when I started my family that I began to look at consumption differently, seeing first-hand the effects of everyday products on my two young boys. It was one effect in particular that started my journey with PATCH and Nutricare.

My son Charlie was playing in the playground with his brother, and he had an everyday rough tumble. We went home to put a plaster on it from out of the medicine cabinet, only to find that not only did the plaster cause a huge rash and redness around the wound – but it caused blistering and tearing of the skin as I tried to pull it off. You can only imagine the angst this caused. I went searching and bought every product on the market to try and find a fix, but there just wasn’t one! This seemed ludicrous to me, and so began my extensive research into what turned out to be a world-wide problem. 

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Allergic reactions

25% Of the World’s population are prone to allergic reactions from current options on the market, and this is predicted to be on the rise. What I discovered was an array of abrasive chemicals and plastics that are in common adhesive offerings. Also, a huge single use plastic waste issue. Every single component of traditional plasters contains plastics that don’t break down in the soil and contribute to landfill on a daily basis.

Bamboo plasters

After trialling and testing a multitude of fabrics and concepts, it was bamboo that turned out to be the solution. Naturally antimicrobial, soft, breathable and incredibly sustainable – Bamboo really is a wonder plant. Therefore, we’re so proud to be able to use in our range of plasters and wound care. Our products are now 100% compostable and natural, and also proudly vegan.

PATCH today

Flash forward 3 years, we’re stocked in thousands of retailers worldwide. As a result, we hear stories every single day of how we’ve helped people (across all age groups) deal with their skin sensitivities and zero-waste lifestyle. I couldn’t be prouder of the team and am super excited to take PATCH further to the world.