a bit about EcoGlitterFun

Today, we would like to share a bit about EcoGlitter Fun. EcoGlitterFun stands for eco glitter which doesn’t harm the environment. Instead, it is biodegradable. Below are some words of Sophie who created Eco Glitter Fun together with her friend Noemi.

EcoGlitterFun how it all began…


Noemi and I (Sophie) were at a festival in 2016 and to our horror discovered glitter was a microplastic. It’s not something I’d ever thought about before and safe to stay we were a little shocked.

After researching a bit, I found a manufacturer who was making Bioglitter. There were a couple of small companies selling it to end users in plastic pots and plastic baggies on eBay.

I thought this was totally crazy that such an incredible biodegradable product existed, but was available in plastic packaging. Therefore, I decided to do something about it.

A few months later I had persuaded Noemi to join in my glitter adventure and Eco Glitter Fun was born.


We are extremely proud that all our eco glitter always has, and always will be packed in plastic-free packaging.


Where we are now….


Over 3 years later and our glitter is on the shelves all over the world in over 100 online and retail stores. We add sparkle to all kinds of events from corporate activations at festivals to kids’ parties.  We also train people to become eco glitter artists.

As a brand we value sustainability for our products, fair conditions for our workers and equality for our customers.

We have found our eco glitter the perfect way to engage consumers on the more serious topics of plastic pollution and consumption and try to use our platform to help further the reduce plastic message.


The future…. 


Our goal is to change every pot of glitter to a biodegradable one! Additionally, we raise money for a variety of causes that our important to us including Plastic Oceans UK, Albert Kennedy Trust and several Black Lives Matter charities.