Plantable greeting cards

I’ve been putting up new products to our distribution website over the last 24 hours. 12 different plantable greeting cards product descriptions. Always trying to distinguish between the cards and creating transparency so our lovely customers know what to expect. Besides, this has been a very repetitive task which I am personally not very keen on. I always disliked repetition. The moment when you realise you just deleted a long email you just typed up.

However, I thought, whilst I am in the writing flow, I’d do a blog article about a wonderful new product which we are about to add.


Plantable greeting cards by Green Planet Paper.

Maddy, the owner of Green Planet Paper, has been furloughed in March which ultimately gave her the time to push her business further. She’s concentrating on sustainable stationery products. She knows from her experience in the stationery business that there is still a lot of plastic involved currently.

Therefore, her cards first of all, come without any plastic packaging. I addition her greeting cards are plantable and contain British Meadow style wildflower and grass seeds.

This means, once you receive one of her cards you plant them and it will grow flowers. Like an extra gift on top of the words you received from the sender.

We think, this is a great idea and hope you will love them as much as we do.


Trade info Green Planet Paper sustainable stationery products

For trade pricing please register on our distribution website under “become a stockist”. We usually approve trade accounts within 2-3 working days. In addition, one of our team members will be in touch in case you’ve got any questions.


About Green Planet Paper

Maddy, the owner of Green Planet Paper, works in the commercial stationery sector for almost ten years and loves the industry. However, she noticed how much plastic is used within this sector. Maddy, who is incredibly passionate about the environment, spotted a gap in the market.

She therefore created her own brand of sustainable stationary products: Green Planet Paper.

A fine choice is proud to have taken her environmentally friendly greeting cards on board. Furthermore, we are hoping to add more of her sustainable products in the future.

Green Planet Paper products are also fully sustainable and designed to both suit your stationery needs and give back to the world we live in.

Above all, the products are truly sustainable and produced in the UK where possible.