Why our customers love a fine choice distribution

a fine choice distribution of eco zero waste products

Today, I would like to share why our customers love a fine choice distribution. When talking with new suppliers, I realised how often I repeat my story and the reasons why our customers like working with us. I don’t have to think about it anymore. It just comes naturally. So, I thought, why don’t I share it with everyone on here.



We really want our customers to feel looked after

We are not one of the big distributors where you can’t even find a phone number on the website. Usually, we are available via phone, via email and also via an online web chat.

In addition, every customer who registers with us, will get a warm welcoming phone call. This is not for hard selling but to explain procedures and answer any questions. Or to recommend products which would fit your shop and customer base.



We only work with ethical brands

For us, it is super important to work with ethical brands. Brands where we know, the ingredients are ethically sourced. Suppliers, where we know, fair working conditions are in place. Brands that care for the environment and want to make a difference. Not just money.



Transparency is key

We recently started putting blog articles up where our suppliers speak directly to you. They share little stories for example how they got started. Transparency is key and we will always explain any nitty gritty product details so that you know what you buy.



Our products substitute disposable (plastic) products and are of high quality

We always make sure, that the products we sell are of high quality. You will not find any products that are bought in from an unknown source. The main idea behind the products we distribute is that they substitute disposable (plastic) products.



Environmentally friendly product packaging

All our products come either without any packaging or with environmentally friendly packaging.



Plastic free packaging

We pack ourselves and know for sure, that our packaging is plastic free. In addition, we use our own shredded paper to give fragile items padding. And also, we reuse boxes as much as we can.


Vegan or non vegan

Most of our products are vegan, which is our aim. However, sometimes it is really hard to be 100% vegan. For example, the facial brush by Croll & Denecke has horse mane bristles. Reason behind is, that there are no plastic free vegan bristles available. We will always mark vegan products as vegan so you know for sure.


a fine choice distribution

If you are interested in becoming a stockist with a fine choice distribution please register your trade account here. We usually approve enquiries within 2-3 working days.