We are now the official distributor for Agreena!

Official distributor for Agreena

This week, we finally received our order for Agreena reusable wraps. We are very excited about being the official distributor for Agreena.

Agreena is the creation of Mel from Australia who hated the endless amounts of disposable kitchen items.

Hence, she created a unique product which substitutes baking paper, cling film and aluminium foil at the same time!


Above all, Agreena reusable wrap is a non-toxic 100% platinum food grade silicone. Most importantly, it withstands temperatures of 230 degrees Celsius. It can be used for cooking with no off-gassing or funny smells. You can also cover dishes to prevent food from drying out. Furthermore, it is the perfect non-stick surface for all sorts of baking applications.


We believe it is an amazing eco product, despite the product coming on a one off plastic backing sheet. The amount of disposable kitchen items saved by using the Agreena reusable wraps is immense.


Imagine a kitchen without baking paper, cling film and aluminium foil!


Agreena product varieties

Agreena currently comes in two different variations. Firstly, the 3 in 1 combo which includes 4 standard Agreena wraps in 2 different sizes. Secondly, the Agreena baker sheets which include 2 sheets that fit a standard oven rack.

You can even use Agreena on a sandwich maker. Of course, we have food certifications in place!

Last but not least, Agreena is a vegan product and also not tested on animals.