Patch Autumn Promo


Today, we received a full pallet of Patch bamboo plasters to go out to our lovely customers for free – but only to be used as samples! More about our Patch Autumn Promo below.


Accepting pallets wrapped in plastic

Of course, as a distributor for zero waste products, we try to ask all our suppliers to avoid (outer) plastic packaging. However, it seems that even the most forward-thinking suppliers still use plastic when sending out pallets.

I guess, there is a fine balance between sending out plenty of single boxes vs one pallet. The carbon footprint for a pallet is certainly lower than x amounts of single boxes. In our experience, even when ordered together, single boxes of one order don’t necessarily are delivered together.

However, the plastic around the pallet goes against the carbon footprint produced by sending out single boxes. Hopefully, there will be a solution on sending pallets without outer plastic packaging in the near future.

Above all, we always have tons of local people in the community who take unused pallets off us. Plenty end up being reused for fancy garden projects.

But let’s talk about the products we received today.


About Patch


Patch organic strips represent a natural approach to wound care. In fact, Patch bamboo plasters are made from 100% certified organic bamboo fibre. In addition, they are also 100% compostable. Furthermore, bamboo fibre is one of the fastest growing, renewable resources. Added with extra natural goodness in the form of coconut oil, aloe vera and activated charcoal.


Patch bamboo plaster

  • Different types available: Natural, Aloe Vera, Coconut (Kids) and Charcoal
  • made with 100% certified organic bamboo fibre
  • hypoallergenic wound care solution
  • Biodegradable
  • Earth friendly
  • Cruelty free and vegan
  • Free from plastic, silicon, latex and parabens, therefore natural
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Australian owned and operated
  • material for the patch tube: recycled cardboard materials and printed with a natural colour dye
  • tube is 100% compostable and also biodegradable
  • the sterilisation packaging is made from plastic-free rice paper and is also compostable
  • the strips are made from a compostable bamboo fibre


Patch Autumn Promo

Today, we are excited to offer free Patch plasters to you in our Patch Autumn Promo.

Each of our customers will receive 24 tubes of free Patch bamboo plasters when ordering 24. These samples are from expired stock and can not be sold. Patch plasters don’t expire. however, due as classified as a medical device they need to have an expired date.

So, you order 24 tubes (6 of each type) and receive the exact amount on top for free.

Only for UK customers. Can only be ordered once. Can not be sold. Can only be used as free samples!