HYDROPHIL – water neutral, vegan & fair!

Today, we are sharing our first guest blog post by Hydrophil. It explains on how it all started, the ethos behind and much more.

HYDROPHIL – water neutral, vegan & fair!


Sustainability and environmental protection are important for our planet and our future. They are also playing an increasingly important role in people’s consciousness. More and more people are specifically looking for sustainable alternatives when shopping. With the comprehensive range of oral hygiene and personal care products, Hydrophil wants to offer their customers the possibility of a perfectly sustainable bathroom and strengthen the awareness of this topic as well.


How it began

HYDROPHIL’s founders are three friends Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja from Hamburg. First of all they started a small blog in 2012, where they dedicated to the topic water. This life-giving resource plays a central role in their friendship, which began through their engagement for the non-profit organisation Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. Furthermore, in their blog they dealt with related aspects such as water shortage, sustainable use of water and conflicts about water.

In 2013 the idea developed that it should be possible to produce sustainable products. Products that are fair, sustainable and vegan, but also water neutral. They took a chance and the idea became the present brand HYDROPHIL.


Hydrophil: water neutral, vegan & fair

The products of HYDROPHIL are above all one thing: water neutral! Despite the central focus on water consumption, other areas of sustainability and fairness are equally important. They care about the welfare of animals, people and the environment which the products reflect. The toothbrushes and co not only look chic and sustainable, they are also environmentally friendly and also as fair! Whenever possible, Hydrophil only uses natural raw materials that do not endanger ground and drinking water.


Moso bamboo and fair working conditions

The main ingredient for the sustainable toothbrushes and also other bamboo products, is Moso bamboo. In China, it does not require any artificial irrigation and its rapid growth compensates for a lot of CO2. The bamboo products are produced directly in China, where the bamboo grows. HYDROPHIL attaches great importance to fair working conditions and reasonable wages. Once a year, someone from the team is on site to make sure that everything is done according to fair and sustainable conditions. All products are also free of ingredients of animal origin and animal testing and therefore suitable for vegans.


A fully sustainable bathroom

With soap bags, toothbrush cups, cotton buds, soaps and much more, HYDROPHIL already covers almost all needs for environmentally friendly personal hygiene.They already have developed a wide range of sustainable products for oral hygiene and personal care and they are constantly working to add more environmentally friendly products. The aim is to design a full range of products for the sustainable bathroom. With more than 30 products already available, HYDROPHIL is coming steadily closer to this vision.


Make every day a little better

With the profit HYDROPHIL also wants to do something good, that’s why 10% of it goes to the organisation Viva con Agua, which is working worldwide for access to clean drinking water and hygiene for all people. Viva con Agua is funded by donations and has already provided 3 million people with access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in the past 14 years.

HYDROPHIL raises awareness for conscious and sustainable consumption in everyday life and helps to realize this. Together with you we can make the world a little better every day.