New in eco zero waste products

Do you know the feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night and you THINK? Some people think about past things, others also think about future things. However, I always seem to think about things I could do or should do. Generally speaking, I am very creative in the night. This week, I thought about creating a new page on our website. Hence, the next morning, I created the “NEW IN” eco zero waste products page.

The things you do when you run your own business…


Leaving notes on your bedside table


One trick, I heard of a while ago, is to write notes and leave them on your bedside table. This is fantastic for two reasons. Firstly, you might forget your idea when you don’t write it down. Secondly, it might get you back to sleep quicker as you dealt with the topic by leaving it on the note.


The NEW IN eco zero waste… page


As a result, we now have a new in page. It’s a page which lists all new products we get in. In short, new products will be listed here for about 3 months. After all, I guess, you can always argue about the length of time you call a product a new one. But let’s concentrate on a few eco zero waste products to point out which are new to a fine choice.


Hydrophil range


Wholesome Herbals


Mama Designs

  • A range of reusable sanitary pads which initially come in a box but will also be available without packaging from November onwards


Croll & Denecke


Green Planet Paper



  • Natural toothpaste (in chalk tubes) and natural and also aluminium free deodorant


Ecoglitter Fun




Value your dreams and appreciate when you wake up in the night!