Getting to know our suppliers: Mama Designs

This month in our series of getting to know our suppliers we have Mama Designs. Similar to a fine choice, MamaDesigns was also created many years ago by a mum working around her little children. Furthermore she was also inspired by the need of products she could not get otherwise.

Mama Designs background story

Mama Designs is our newest supplier. Run by mama of three Keira O’Mara. Mama Designs celebrate 12 years in business this week. We discovered how it all began and when the move into eco products came about.

With her first baby, Keira was shy about breastfeeding in public. She looked for a product to help but was unable to find one. Having been made redundant she decided to use some of her redundancy money to start a business. She designed a discreet and supportive breastfeeding cover. Mamascarf was born. Later came another baby and more product ideas. Now with an award-winning range of products for mothers and babies, she decided to create a bamboo reusable breast pad.  “At this time, reusable breast pads were not really mainstream. I really loved the idea of taking a reusable product and making it really great quality and selling the benefits to people who would have normally used a disposable product. Getting them to make the switch felt great.”

Bamboo washable wipes were the next step. Again, lots of parents were making the switch, a little at a time.

Reusable menstrual products by Mama Designs

When Keira switched to reusable menstrual products herself, she thought about adding some pads to the Mama Designs collection. After learning about the amount of plastic, perfume and chemicals in a disposable pad she was so shocked and felt that other people would feel the same. MamaDesigns pads have been designed working closely with their factory in Turkey, who have been making cloth menstrual pads for over 10 years.

MamaDesigns have helped thousands of women make the switch to reusable pads and receive lots of great reviews. “It feels really good helping people make the switch and knowing what a difference that is making.”

Mama Designs aware winning reusable sanitary pads UK distributor MamaDesigns guest blog article pads

Mama Designs future plans…

So what is next for MamaDesigns? Their Teen range of pads have come about, from listening to their customers’ feedback.  Sales of these pads through their website will help support their Period Poverty campaign, where they will be donating pads to schools in deprived areas.