10 Years Afinechoice Distribution of eco zero waste products


This week, Dani, the creator of A fine choice ltd, is celebrating 10 years Afinechoice Distribution! And what a journey it has been. From a mums’ side business to a proper distribution business in 10 years. I am usually not the one raving about achievements but I have to say, I am proud of what I have created. The amount of plastic we have saved. The endless conversations we had with like-minded eco conscious people who share my passion of helping the environment. An incredible journey.


10 years ago…


I still remember my first 13000 stainless steel bottles arriving whilst three kids under the age of 5 were “toddler-ing” around, my husband and I stored away a lorry full of bottles in our garage. Furthermore, later on, after we had moved house, we stored all products in my daughter’s ensuite bathroom. She was little and didn’t need it. However, the older she became, the more often she asked be about when roughly she could have the room back. Also, the amount of (often heavy) boxes we carried up and down the stairs. Or the trade show I went to expecting selling over 1000 steel bottles but only selling about 15 each day. My friend and I had thrown away the boxes as we thought we didn’t need them anymore. How naive we were.


David Attenborough helped…


Luckily, the awareness about (plastic related) environmental issues has been on the rise. Certainly, David Attenborough helped with his experience and wisdom. So many people have watched his films and were inspired to help themselves. Many of them are now trade customers of a fine choice distribution! So a big thank you to David Attenborough.


In recent years….

Subsequently, the business has grown over the last few years. Hence, there is no need to move around boxes in our house anymore. We now have a warehouse and a team of 6 helping me out, packing, talking to our lovely customers and supporting me hugely. I am really lucky to have found such supportive hand-on people and really appreciate this.


A fine choice distribution and it’s future?

Believe it or not, I only ever created ONE single business plan initially. Everything else is intuition. Every product that has been presented has been tested by me. Every decision on whether I take it on board or not was mine. I don’t know what the future brings but for now we are in a good space and hope to continue distributing eco zero waste products to you, our wholesalers and also our end customers. Last but not least, thank you to our loyal customers. We love working with you and looking forward to continue so in the future.