Wholesome Herbals story – how it all began…

Today, in our series of getting to know our suppliers, we’ve got Megan and Abhay of Wholesome Herbals who share their story about how it all began.

In 2017

“Back in 2017 all we knew was that we wanted to be financially independent by the time we started trying to have children. We didn’t know how we would do it but that was what we would be working toward.

One evening, Abhay comes home from work and tells me that one of his friends knows how to make candles. Furthermore, he wants to teach us. Hence, we picked up the craft as soon as we could and began our research into quality, ethical suppliers and also quality materials to work with. Most importantly, the research we were doing completely opened our eyes to the multiple benefits of using vegetable waxes over paraffin wax. Also about sustainable materials and having as low an impact on the environment as possible.

Maybe candles?

As a couple of nature enthusiasts, we decided early on that we wanted the candles to have a wholesome, earthy feel. Furthermore, we both really enjoy the process of piecing together the components of each candle. From the fragrance blends we’ll use to the dried botanical adornment(s), each aspect has its own significance. Our Sweet Maple candle, for example, was released for Autumn 2019. In the first place, we wanted it to carry the warming sweetness of a stack of fresh pancakes. On a chilly October morning. In addition, to compliment the Autumnal feel, we chose dried rosehip and poppy seeds as the adornments. Plants which also both reach maturity from late summer to autumn.


Herbal preparations

As I began my own studies with The National Institute of Medical Herbalists, I felt it was time to start making herbal preparations. For example, our tea blends, which I can just pour my heart into. Generally speaking, each of our products now hold a real and personal significance. It’s important for us as we weave our own interests and passions in their creation.

Wholesome Herbals story – from a kitchen table idea to a small business

In conclusion, we are happy to say that what started out as a hopeful experiment has become a little business. A business that is a truly satisfying and also rewarding little business.”