Afinechoice distribution says thank you!


Today, afinechoice distribution says thank you. THANK YOU for your support throughout 2020 and over the years!



2020 – what a year it was for everyone


Of course, we had our wobbles in March & April with all the uncertainty that arose around Covid19. We had to put some of our team members on furlough initially.  However, luckily we brought 3 out of 4 back in August. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our lovely sales member Jules who decided to change her job. Not because she didn’t like working for a fine choice but purely because we could not offer her more than a few hours back.


We fought our way through the summer with sales numbers still lower compared to last year. Luckily, we bounced back to normal sales numbers as of November with Christmas sales underway earlier than usual.



Brexit around the corner


Brexit is around the corner and it comes with another uncertainty to deal with. Hopefully, in 2021 we will at one-point stop thinking about Covid19.

In addition, we at a fine choice distribution, aim to transition into new Brexit impacts smoothly. This is what we are are doing:

  • We are NOT planning on increasing any trade pricing
  • In addition, we have also stocked up on products which come from Europea. Hence, our warehouse is as full as it has never been. Besides, our packing team at the warehouse doesn’t enjoy this so much…


In conclusion, we would like to ensure that we are doing our best to keep our business going as usual. All things considered, we can of course not do anything when products are out of stock because our lovely suppliers do not receive the ingredients they need.



Afinechoice distribution 2021


Already, we have new products lined up for January and aim to add more eco zero waste products in 2021. If you have a product you would really like to see on here, please do drop us a line. Alternatively, if you have a product you think might fit into our current product range please also let us know.



Thank you – we are making a difference!


Together, we are making a big difference to the environment. The amounts of plastics we have saved by switching to reusable alternatives is amazing.

Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you! There is HOPE !

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021!



Founder & Creator a fine choice ltd.