Hello there, year 2021!


Recently, I, Dani, owner and also creator of a fine choice distribution thought about 2020. Therefore, I took part in a workshop where the teacher guided us through things that happened in 2020. We brought back the feelings caused by Covid19 and danced our sadness and also our anger. However, in the following part, we thought about the positive things we can possibly take into 2021. And there are plenty too:


First of all, I am extremely grateful for all there is. Flour when you need flour. Virtual possibilities to connect with others including family and friends but also work colleagues. Above all, connection to nature. I started walking for about an hour every day and keep on doing so. Hence, I feel I have a better work-life-balance and I am also extremely inspired and full of ideas for 2021. Of course, this includes both my personal as well as my business life.


Secondly, I learned to live with uncertainties. You do not know what the future brings. Hence, I established a deeper acceptance towards unpredicted things happening. I now know, a fine choice made it through a challenging 2020 and believe it can only get better once Covid19 is off the table.


Last but not least, I encourage you all to gather all the positivises of 2020 and also to include them into this new year. Hello there, year 2021!

A fine choice distribution outlook for 2021

  • Encourage even more people to switch from disposable products to reusable ones. And also engage and educate so we can help the environment further
  • Keep great customer relationships through our existing channels (phone, email, chat, etc)
  • Add more eco zero waste products to our exiting portfolio and also deepen relationships to our lovely suppliers
  • Find a new solution for our warehouse as we are nearly at full capacity