Behind the scenes: Clothes Doctor

Behind the scenes: Clothes Doctor. Today, we would like to present you with yet another guest blog article in our series of getting to know our suppliers. We are very happy to distribute their eco clothing care products. Thank you, Clothes Doctor team for your guest article!

Hi, I’m Lulu, and in 2017 I found out that 87% of all the clothes we wear go to landfill or incineration when we’re done with them. Hence, I made a plan. Ultimately, my plan was to build a company that helps people get more out of their wardrobes. And to love their clothes for longer, to also reduce fashion waste. I called it Clothes Doctor. 4 years on, Clothes Doctor has a fabulous team of skilled seamstresses who can repair or alter almost anything. In addition, we have a range of gorgeous eco friendly clothing care products. You can even follow our tutorials and learn to mend your clothes at home. We are a one-stop-shop for new arrivals to the slow fashion movement.

We help bring a little slice of pleasure and luxury to our customers’ laundry routines too. Expect real essential oils, palm oil and cruelty-free ingredients (yay for those orangutans), innovative packaging with compostable labels, and all whilst packing a sucker punch against stains and odours.

Tired of fluttering in dark corners and holes in your softest cashmere? We hear you! That’s why we’ve packed sustainably-sourced Yorkshire lavender, musky sandalwood, calming patchouli, fragrant lemongrass and revitalising eucalyptus in little cotton bags, which moths absolutely hate, but the rest of us…well, they smell pretty great to us.

I’m so pleased to see you here and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. I hope you’ll join us on our journey towards a bright and circular future.

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