Behind the scenes: Agreena

Today, behind the scenes: Agreena our supplier for reusable silicone wraps. The wraps substitute aluminium foil, cling film and also baking paper. Read more about Melanie, the owner and creator of Agreen below.

Agreena background story

Five years ago I was happily exploring the joys of home baking and preserving. I was also revelling in the joys a good veggie garden, a few chooks, sheep and bees provide and embracing a back to basics lifestyle.  All things being well. However, for the feeling of dismay and defeat at the amount of waste that was going into my rubbish and recycling bin. Particularly single use food films. A quiet moment and an elastic band ignited an idea. I accidentally discovered the rubbers surface tension and adhesive properties. And so began 2 years of prototyping until the product in hand was considered a success. Success which was defined by its ability to effectively wrap, seal AND bake. And also completely replacing the need for any other type of single use food film.

Crowfunding Campaign

Launched with an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign, it was people power. A fast growing demographic of conscientious and discerning customers who wanted environmentally friendly options and demanded transparency. It was those people and the mothers, bakers, cooks and also caterers that rocketed Agreena. From a home-based concept into a multi-national demand for this new eco food film.

Agreena Production

With this backing, production starts with Agreena’s focus and philosophy at the forefront. To provide a non-toxic, ethically manufactured and environmentally responsible food film that was also reusable. And ultimately, recyclable at the end of its life.

Agreena truly has answered the public’s desire for safe, easy to use options to address our escalating landfill issue. The Agreena 3in1 Wrap‘s point of difference is its multi-use appeal and easy care as well as safe accreditations and ethical manufacturing. I am so happy to have played a part in providing a positive and accessible solution. A simple innovation borne from my own frustration that now empowers all who use it to make a difference.