Compostable phone case

Compostable phone case by INature

The “a fine choice” team is currently trialling compostable phone cases. All things considered, we think they might be a great addition to our current product range of eco zero waste products.

Therefore, we would like your opinion too. Below are some background stories and also further information about the products we have tested.

Apple sells millions of iPhones yearly. IN addition, dozens of manufacturers sell plastic and silicone covers. However, both of them are NOT biodegradable and contribute to the global waste problem.

Given how easily plastic phone cases crack and how long it takes for them to decompose, we think it is time to think about alternatives.

Made of plants

Inature phone cases contain corn, sugarcane and soybeans and are therefore compostable.


Decompose into water, carbon dioxide and also biomass. INature is currently exploring how long the degradation process for home composting will take.

Protects the Iphone

Inature protect the iphone from 2 meters drops. See this video to prove its protection properties

Zero plastic

The Inature cases are plastic free and in addition, their packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

Made in Europe

INature produces its compostable cases in Italy, Europe.

INature facts

Last but not least some facts about the company we are looking to work with. INature says:

Our bioplastic material, ApinatBIO ™, is locally manufactured and constantly perfected based on our customers’ feedback and new research. It complies with the UNI EN 13432-2002 decomposing standard, has an international patent, and comes with a 2 year warranty which also complies with EU laws and regulations.

Our iPhone cases won the Innovation and Engineering Award at the 2012 CES trade show in Las Vegas, USA. In 2020, approximately 1750 kg less plastic was consumed thanks to iNature.