Circular economy – Reduce, reuse and zero waste!

Today, we would like to speak about reduce, reuse and recycling leading towards zero waste and a circular economy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The first time ever heard of the phrase “reduce, reuse,recycle” was many years ago when my kids were little. Back then, Bob the builder was designing a whole environmentally friendly town with just the help of a couple of books from the library and one assistant.

Zero Waste

Fast forward 10 years and everyone is now speaking about zero waste.

Above all, when living a zero-waste lifestyle, be it at home or in your business, you strive to use as little single-use items as possible. Hence, you are opting for sustainable and reusable alternatives. From hygiene products to clothing, to food and also drink packaging, you replace as much as possible with reusable products.

Ultimately, this will protect the environment and support a circular economy.

Coming back to Bob’s phrase, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is playing an important role in this:

Reduce what you use

Reuse as much as you can

Recycle – only the small part of waste left goes to landfill


Circular Economy

However, zero waste is more than that. The goal of zero waste is a circular economy where rubbish does not exist.

Besides, natural resources are very valuable, and we can’t afford them ever running out. Furthermore, without a circular economy, we are regularly taking resources from the earth.

Zero Waste means products and processes to reduce the volume and also toxicity of waste. In addition, it means to conserve and recover all resources instead of burning or burying them.

Last but not least, implementing Zero Waste will help reducing discharges to water, land or air hence will help the earth.


A fine choice’s zero waste approach

We, as a business of distributing zero waste products, also do our bit to live a zero-waste lifestyle. One example is the packaging we receive our products in.

We ask ourselves, can we reuse the packaging?

If it is still in good shape, we will reuse the packaging to send out orders. If it is not, we will create shredded cardboard which we need for padding anyway.

On top of that, if a supplier uses disposable plastic packaging, we will always ask them to reconsider their packaging strategy. From plastic tape to bubble wrap we’ve convinced many suppliers to go with eco-friendly alternatives and will continue to do so.