How to use a safety razor blade

How to use a safety razor blade successfully

When I started my zero-waste journey a few years ago, I tried out a safety razor blade and cut myself on the shin. It’s been a painful cut and totally put me off using a safety razor.

However, a few years later, I was offered them by two suppliers separately to see whether we might want to stock them. Of course, I was hesitant, but I received some valuable instructions on how to use a razor blade without cutting you.


The Issue:

For women the problem area tends to be the shin, so some women do report cutting themselves if they run the razor quickly over the shin bone, so we normally recommend just being careful around that area.

The trick:

  • Do not use it when in a rush. Instead, use it whilst having a bath.
  • It is very beneficial to use the blade whilst lying instead of standing up!
  • Do not put any pressure on the razor but let the weight of the razor to the work.


Having a time out

For my eczema it is beneficial to have a bath. So instead of having a shower, I now take the time and have a weekly bath. This is when I also do all the shaving. It is about creating a lovely experience and also having a time out. I usually light a candle (link) and do my facial routine at the same time.

Distributor safety razor blades

For safety razor blades we work together with the team of Wild & Stone. They offer both razors in different colours as well as razor stands. If you are not registered with us yet, you can so so here with the link. We usually approve applicants within 2-3 working days.