Afinechoice distributor packaging

Today, we would like to speak about the Afinechoice distributor packaging.

Zero waste packaging?!

First of all, as a distributor for eco zero waste products, it naturally would be in our interest to also pack in a zero waste style.

What a fine choice is doing

Furthermore, these are the steps we are taking at the moment:

  • We reuse boxes which are send to us. At times, this means it looks like you are receiving a packaging from someone else.
  • In addition, we create our own cardboard shredding with a shredding machine. Shredded cardboard is excellent to protect the products we send out. Also, we usually do not have anyone complaining about breakages even for glass products like the Heavenly Organics range.
  • We use paper based tape. However, for very heavy parcels, we use a stronger tape on top of paper tape which is usually reinforced.
  • Whenever we receive a parcel from a supplier which is not plastic free, we will let them know that this needs changing.

Organisations to support reusing waste packaging

  • Last but not least, we are a member for packshare a community scheme offering packaging material to their neighbours to reuse. Their slogan is “Reuse waste packaging in your community”.