We are now UK distributor for NAIKED

We are now UK distributor for NAIKED

Last week, we announced that we are now UK distributor for NAIKED. Today, we would like to speak about what NAIKED is and why we think NAIKED is a fantastic addition to our product range.

Natural Organic Products Europe London trade show

In April, we had a stand at the natural organic products Europe trade show in London. The product we received most comments on, were the new NAIKED cleaning tabs. It is a new product of Wasserneutral, the company that also owns our popular brand Hydrophil. Above all, we think you will love the products. A simple concept and a very low pricing point.

Product Launch NAIKED

We are happy to announce the launch of NAIKED – a revolutionary range of affordable cleaning products which don’t cost the earth.


It is a very simple concept: you put 500ml of lukewarm water (your own, so no shipment of fluids!) and add a NAIKED tab. Shake it & good to go. WE have 4 different variations: Glass, Bathroom, Kitchen and Floor.

We do have matching bottles per colour too (apart from the floor one as we would expect the tab to go into your bucket straight away).

Other NAIKED products

There are a few other exciting products to accompany the cleaning tabs. From rinsing sponges and also solid rinsing soaps to Kids’s soaps and much more.


Furthermore, to learn more about the brand please visit NAIKED’s website.