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We are UK distributor for many eco & zero waste brands such as Hydrophil, Croll & Denecke, Ku’tis, Heavenly Organics, Tio, Patch, Neon Kaktus, Jungle Culture, The Natural Spa, EcoGlitter Fun.

How it all started…

I have always strived to find healthy, natural products for the whole family and did so in 2010 when my youngest child had just turned one, and I was researching for BPA free water bottles.

During this research I came across the Green Bottle brand. They were looking for a UK distributor for their stainless steel water bottles. I was looking for an Eco Business to start. It was a perfect opportunity.

I wrote a Business Plan for my new business (A Fine Choice LTD), and sold my initial stock – proving wrong my Granny’s fears of being stuck with 1,000s of bottles for the rest of my life. But more importantly, proving that there was a strong demand for environmentally friendly and plastic free alternatives to products that we use every day.

The business grows…

After trying out some different business approaches (online retail customers, photography) I discovered Hydrophil. I started stocking their bamboo toothbrushes and other water neutral bathroom related products. They too were looking for a UK Distributor, and so after a few months, I became the official UK distributor for Hydrophil, cementing my focus on distribution to Eco Shops.

I then became UK distributor for Strawesome, Lamazuna, Fiilit too, and distribute a few other eco & zero waste products as well. I feel very honoured to be able to work for all of these wonderful brands.

Eco friendly & zero waste

In the last few years I have thought a lot about what Eco Friendly means to me, because it is, of course, such a wide reaching term. Initially in 2010 I focused on products which were BPA free only. Later on I learned about other toxins and waste management, and nearly a decade later I find myself focussing more on more on a Zero Waste lifestyle. It really is about avoiding waste in the first place and making conscious choices when buying. All our products are now mainly plastic free, sustainable, plant based, zero waste, biodegradable if possible, vegan and support a zero waste lifestyle.

These are the values I hold when choosing new products and against which I measure companies, when deciding what to stock and who to work with.

I would love for you to join our effort towards a toxic free zero waste world.

Thank you for your interest!
Daniela Schaffrik
Founder and Director for “a fine choice” – UK distributor for eco friendly and zero waste products


PS So that you can get an idea of what I am doing in my free time… here’s a recent picture for you!

A Fine choice distributor Daniela schaffrik owner afinechoice