Meet the team

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailDani – Founder & Director of a fine choice ltd

I am very passionate about our beautiful Earth and all its living beings and love dedicating my time to help the Earth by providing plastic free eco products and helping people making a fine choice with less toxins.

I’ve been on an “eco” journey for many years and it fills me with joy when entering my shower. No more plastic containers but nourishing zero waste products instead. My favourite products are the soap pouches, the dry orange shampoo, my bamboo toothbrush and my peppermint toothpaste. Using them makes a great start to the day (followed by drinking my freshly pressed celery juice with my glass straw afterwards).


a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailSavinder – Sales

The world that we live in has increasingly become a disposable one – strides in science and technology have led to products being made cheaper and quicker without regard for the environment and consideration of the consequences of how we dispose of our waste.  As a mother of two boys I am passionate about doing my bit for the environment and for the future of my children – we recycle wherever we can in our home and are moving towards a plastic free home everywhere we can.  I want a future where my children and grandchildren can flourish and care about the world around them:

My favourite product is the Heavenly Organics Orange & Grapefruit facial oil. It is 100% vegan and can be used daily to moisturise and you only need a small dab.  It’s light refreshing with a pleasant aroma and leaves you feeling ready to face the day.

If we all do our bit for a greener London, UK and World – we can look to safeguard our planet.

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailSimon – E-commerce

I have always had a passion for the environment and how best we can safeguard its future for our children and grandchildren, So working with Dani and a Fine Choice was the right fit at the right time. I love how many eco friendly & zero waste products we have and how their whole production cycle has been looked into for their ethical foundation. I know we cannot make a system change though any ripple effect is a start.

I have used many eco and organic deodorants in the past with not much success. The Lamazuna deodorant however does do the job well without clogging up your pores. I am yet to see how well they work during sport. I shall let you know.

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailSharron – Accountancy

I am helping a fine choice ltd with their bookkeeping and everything else accountancy related and to be able to do so I had to learn some French and German wording. Most of our suppliers are based in European countries so the invoices are not always in English.

It is a new industry (Nature and green) for me at a fine choice. Although I am on the keyboard all the time, I get to know there are many people out there that love our home – the Earth – and who want to change their life-style by eating well and utilising eco products. I now always bring a bottle to work and activities, to reduce plastic/paper waste in the environment.

Judith Yazid

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailJudith – Admin

I’m a passionate environmentalist so working for a zero waste company means I am not only helping the planet with my own endeavours but also helping others with theirs! It’s great to work in an environment where everyone else shares your views on single use plastic and a reusable, recyclable lifestyle. It also helps that the place you works smells of natural essential oils and fragrances; Lavender always keeps the stress levels down! I love all the products as every one is a step towards a greener, cleaner planet…..