Meet the team

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailDani – Founder & Director of a fine choice ltd

I am very passionate about our beautiful Earth and all its living beings and love dedicating my time to help the Earth by providing plastic free eco products and helping people making a fine choice with less toxins.

I’ve been on an “eco” journey for many years and it fills me with joy when entering my shower. No more plastic containers but nourishing zero waste products instead. My favourite products are the soap pouches, the dry orange shampoo, my bamboo toothbrush and my peppermint toothpaste. Using them makes a great start to the day (followed by drinking my freshly pressed celery juice with my glass straw afterwards).

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailJules – Sales

I really enjoy talking to our customers, hearing about their ambitions and then working together for the good of our planet. Additionally I love the smell in our stock room – it smells of all the lovely Lamazuna shampoos and I like to hang out here😊

My favourite product is probably my Strawsome aquamarine glass straw because it stops me getting a smoothie moustache each morning:-)

It makes me very happy to help customers on their journey and I am looking forward to talking to many more.

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailElena – Marketing

Working for a fine choice ltd makes me feel like I’m working in a business that is making a positive impact on the world, truly making it a better place for us and our children. With a passion for strategic and digital marketing  and for the environment, becoming a Marketing Consultant for a fine choice is a wonderful opportunity to combine both together. I am loving learning more about all the eco friendly & zero waste products that a fine choice supplies and how we as individuals can minimise our impact on the planet.

I’m slightly in love with the soap pouch. I love how it keeps the soap out of the way, how you can use all the tiny pieces of a soap bar, simply by adding the new one into the pouch, how it lathers up the soap to get bubbles and how soft it makes your skin. I love it!!

a fine choice-eco-zero-waste-products-logo-leaf-detailSharron – Accountancy

I am helping a fine choice ltd with their bookkeeping and everything else accountancy related and to be able to do so I had to learn some French and German wording. Most of our suppliers are based in European countries so the invoices are not always in English.

It is a new industry (Nature and green) for me at a fine choice. Although I am on the keyboard all the time, I get to know there are many people out there that love our home – the Earth – and who want to change their life-style by eating well and utilising eco products. I now always bring a bottle to work and activities, to reduce plastic/paper waste in the environment.

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