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frequently asked questions:

How can I access the trade information?

You will need to register here  and you will receive a confirmation once we’ve approved your account. Prices will be visible once you are approved.

What is the minimum order amount for trade orders?

The minimum order total is £100 net value with a free 3-5 working day economy delivery on orders above £300 net. Please see our delivery information for details.

Can you split packaging units?

We can split packaging units on sample orders or when trying out a new product which you haven’t ordered before. We are unable to split packaging units on regular orders.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are upfront via a bank transaction. We don’t accept payments by card or paypal. We usually dispatch your order within 1-2 working days once we’ve received your bank transaction.

Do you have images for your products?

Images to all our products can be found here or you can download directly through the product listing à link to images

Am I allowed to share images on social media?

Yes you are allowed to share images on social media respecting our copyrights.

Which material are the bristles of your Hydrophil toothbrushes made of?

The bristles are made of the most environmentaly-friendly materials that are currently available in this field.

For the production, we use castor oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis. In the production, the raw material is processed further into mineral-oil-free and BPA-free bio-nylon.

Ricinus Communis is neither used as a foodstuff nor feed. Therefore, the cultivation does not compete with the cultivation areas for food that is required for people and animals. The bristles exclusively contain
a bio-based carbon component, proven by certification.

Are the soap pouches compostable?

Yes, the soap pouches are fully compostable.

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes, we work with drop shipping companies. Please do get in touch with us to discuss further.

Are the cotton swabs by Hydrophil compostable?

Yes, the cotton swabs by Hydrophil are fully compostable.

What does ‘Water Neutral’ mean?

Hydrophil products are produced using natural ingredients that grow without artificial watering, such as bamboo. Additionally, they only use dyes produced without the use of petroleum or other chemical additives. The resulting biodegradability means that Hydrophil products do not leave anything behind in the drinking or groundwater.

How do the solid toothpastes work?

The solid toothpaste do not foam. This is quite normal for a natural product because the synthetic surfactants used in conventional products cause a much more abundant but certainly artificial foam. The amount of foam does not determine in any way the degree of washing / cleanliness and the same goes for our shampoos. It is only foaming agents or surfactants that cause this reaction, and they have no washing effect.

As long as you have some toothpaste smeared on your toothbrush and your teeth are smooth after cleaning, it means that they are clean and the lack of foam is more of a psychological aspect to overcome.

Does using solid shampoo feel different?

A problem that can sometimes happen is that the hair feels like it’s badly rinsed. When the hair is used to chemicals, they tend to absorb the products. They are not accustomed to natural products and “detoxify” slowly: this makes the hair feel different. It is a phase that can be a little difficult to pass but it is worth it! In the meantime, you can always rinse your hair with vinegar water or apple vinegar the very first time to remove this issue straight away.

Where do I find out more about the brands you distribute and their products?


Ahoy hoy!
 We are Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, three friends from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the founders of Hydrophil, your brand for sustainable hygiene products. The word Hydrophil stems from Greek and means water-loving. We live up to our name, because that’s what we are – in love with water! We all need this wonderful resource to live – water is the essence of every existence!

To ensure that subsequent generations are also able to benefit from our valuable water, we intend to use and pollute as little water as possible through our actions. In doing so, we want to try to open people’s eyes to all ever-diminishing resources. You can read more about our motivation, our vision and our commitment on the last pages of this catalogue.

With our project Hydrophil, we intend to make a conscious contribution to the responsible handling of our environment. Therefore, we offer you products that are waterneutral, vegan & fair.

Read more in Hydrophil’s latest Catalogue here (LINK TO PDF)


Lamazuna … A French brand with a Georgian name – it means ‘Pretty Girl’

In 2010 I had a great idea: to replace my five daily cleansers and the product that came with them with simple ultra-soft microfiber wipes that can be reused hundreds of times. A great idea yes, but which needed to be confirmed.

The very first version of was released in December 2010. At the time, the wipes were just offered with a washing net, the storage case arrived later.

Read more in Lamazuna’s latest Catalogue here (LINK TO PDF)



In the beginning, there were plastic straws everywhere and people thought this was good because straws helped suck things up faster and easier without messes. You could find plastic straws almost anywhere a drink was served.

But soon plastic straws were found in places that were not so good. They were found used and thrown away along streets, on the beach, and even in the waterways. Used plastic straws were everywhere. But it got worse.

Plastic straws were found in the bodies of animals that lived out at sea (like in turtles’ noses). That was terrible to discover, but then something unimaginable and worse was found….the Pacific garbage patch! It was a huge collection (like hundreds of tons) of plastic things floating on the ocean the size of Texas!

And then something unexpected happened. A creative glass artist made a straw from glass. Huh? A glass straw? What is that? Is it a bean shooter? Is it a crack pipe? No silly, it is a straw you drink from. Kinda like all those plastic ones you use all day long, but these are non-toxic, can be used over and over again, and look way cool like art. To read more, head to Strawsome’s website.


How does the lifetime guarantee for the glass straws work?

The producer of our glass straws (in the US) offers a lifetime guarantee against accidental breakage of our Strawesome glass straws. They use the honor system so if you purposely broke your straw, please refrain from requesting a replacement. We as the UK distributor for glass straws by Strawesome will send out replacement straws from our UK based office. This is only eligible for end customers and they will need to get in touch with us directly. There is a shipping and handling fee of £ 2.49 (excl VAT).

How do the brands you sell support charitable organisations?

10% of all Hydrophil profits are donated to a non-profit organisation called Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli, which is a network of people and organisations committed to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. Globally, the organisation supports so called WASH-Projects, which is short for the project-components WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene. In Germany their main goal is to activate the civil society and sensitize people for the global issues of clean drinking water and basic access to sanitation. Alto Huayabamba of Pur Projet in Amazonia was the first to hold Lamazuna’s attention. You can see more about the Lamazuna Forest thanks to Google Earth by going here on the site of Pur Projet. They have financed the planting of more than 4500 trees! PUR Projet works with companies to regenerate the ecosystems they depend upon. They are now focussing also on reforestation in France 50 trees planted by the Seine and the Marne rivers, with the aim of planting over 300 trees! Find out more

Strawesome wants to assist in making a difference in schools or organisations, communities, and in some cases families. Whether raising funds for youth sports, a local animal shelter, or to assist a friend with unexpected medical bills, bring them your good cause and they’ll team up to make that difference! They will donate 40% of net sales to the charity or organisation chosen. Find out more about their fundraising campaigns.

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