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Reusable Sustainable Giving

Beautifully illustrated, reusable fabric gift wrapping for every occasion. FabRaps are 100% certified organic cotton gift wraps that transform the simple act of giving into a lasting memory.

FabRap makes fabric gift wrapping that stands the test of time. Inspired by Indian textiles and the traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki, these fabric gift wraps combine timeless elegance, sustainability and ease of use. 

Affordable Luxury & Zero Waste

Our premium high quality 100% organic fabrics add to the value of every gift given while looking after our precious resources at the same time. We have chosen to use cotton ‘cambric’ fabric which is slightly heavier and less sheer than voile, but still has a lovely softness due to the way it is woven. Soft, yet durable enough to stand the test of time so that our FabRaps can be handed from recipient to recipient for years to come.

During the Christmas season alone, millions of tonnes of wrapping paper ends up in landfills as the majority of it cannot be recycled due to the use of dyes and plastic laminations. FabRap offers a beautiful and sustainable alternative which is reusable and repurposable.

FabRaps not only give your gift beauty with ease, but they also give you and the recipient a clear conscience. Everyone loves that almost ceremonial feeling of excitement whilst opening a wonderfully wrapped gift, but nobody savours the guilty feeling after having thrown the wrapping paper into the trash.


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