Glass Straws by Strawesome

<p>Our glass straws are handmade by Strawesome in the US. The glass straws&nbsp;are made from very strong glass which means they won’t break easily! The glass straws are also chemical free (BPA free) and ideal to substitute disposable plastic straws. By using a reusable glass drinking straw instead of a dispoable one you help the environment and you drink instyle. Our glass&nbsp;straws come in plenty of different appealing&nbsp;designs: we’ve got glass straws in regular size&nbsp;and glass straws for smoothies, straight ones and bendy straws,&nbsp;straws with decoration and without, plain glass straws and coloured glass straws, straws for adults and straws for kids and cocktail straws.</p>

<p>The best thing: the glass straws&nbsp;come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage by the manufacturer Strawesome. Now it’s up to you to choose the most appealing one for you or the person you give it as a gift! Wholesale prices also available.</p>

<p>P.S. Did you know drinking through a straw is healthier for your teeth? For related articles see&nbsp;our press section.</p>

<p><strong>Navigation</strong>: our glass straws are listed in the following order:</p>

<li>regular straws in different colours, outer diameter 9mm, length 20cm</li>
<li>smoothie straws in different colours, outer diameter 12mm, length 20cm</li>
<li>jumbo straw, outder diameter 15mm, length 20cm</li>
<li>long straws, different diameter, length 25cm</li>
<li>bendy straws regular in different colours</li>
<li>bendy straws smoothie in different colours</li>
<li>bendy straws long</li>
<li>just for kids straws regular, outer diameter 9mm</li>
<li>just for kids straws smoothie, outer diameter 12mm</li>
<li>decorative straws regular, outer diameter 9mm</li>
<li>decorative straws smoothie, outer diameter 12mm</li>
<li>cocktail straws, short</li>
<li>cleaning brush and carrying cases</li>

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